Water Solutions system is versatile enough to work for both large and small establishments and works well in washrooms with very heavy footfalls.
Water costs continue to increase on an annual basis, and the subject of water saving is becoming increasingly important in our water stressed environment.
— BRE Innovation Parks Network

Our Mission

We save organisations money through implementation of our unique WaterFree urinal systems.

Savings made in water reduction increase year on year and provide a lucrative return of investment as well as helping achieve impecable environmental standards.

Water Solutions has been providing a service to our customers for 20 years throughout the entire UK. Our customers range from very different business sectors and industries all with very specific requirements and needs.

Our installations and service programme are tailor-made to each customers individual requirements allowing us to provide a very bespoke service to all of them. This has enabled us to establish a very good long working relationship with all of our business partners.

WaterSolutions continue to expand and develop our customer portfolio as more and more companies & institutions recognise the all-round benefits that a WaterFree System can provide to them and to the Environment.

Since the installation 18 months ago there have been further benefits. Maintenance costs have been reduced and the washrooms always smell nice. Of course we are also getting the financial savings that Water Solutions built into their proposal. I would highly recommend Water Solutions due to the service and savings they provide.
— Robert Healey, Unipart Powertrain Applications

What We can Achieve for you

  • Reduction in water consumption

  • Reduce water costs

  • More hygienic washroom due to no bacteria build up in pipework

  • Eliminates cost and need for flush control systems

  • Retro-fitted to existing urinal bowls

  • Provides a Return of Investment to our clients within a minimum time frame

  • Reduce expenditure for Hidden Costs such as blockages, flooding, call out charges

  • Personalised planned service schedule to meet individual customer needs