Product Features

See our WaterFree systems functionality in action with the video below


Unique world patented one-way valve.

The valve only opens when the system is in use and automatically closes immediately afterwards. 


Integral fragrance dome

The fragrance dome is an integral part of the system and dispenses a pleasant fragrance from within the dome when the bowl is in use and so provides a more pleasant environment to the washroom.


ACU Conversion Collar

The system is retrofitted to the customers existing bowls in the washroom so eliminating any additional expenditure by our customers.


Product Benefits

  • Eradicates any build up of limescale or uric salts 
  • Creates a more pleasant experience for the visitor to the washroom with no unpleasant smells or sights
  • Generates a return of investment (R.O.I.) for the customer in a short time frame
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Peace of mind for the customer
  • Reduces the original water consumption in the washroom
  • Reduction on water costs for each washroom
  • Has a positive impact on customers carbon footprint
  • Reduces the cost on call out charges for blockages & flooding
  • Creates a more hygienic washroom due to dramatically less bacteria growth over time 

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You Forget

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