WaterSolutions Ltd offers its award winning system that enables your company to benefit by using our patented WATER FREE technologies enabling you to make savings on:





Welcome to Water Solutions GB Ltd. Our company objective with our System and Services is to provide our customers a way to save MONEY, improve washroom HYGIENE and protect the ENVIRONMENTS natural resources by saving WATER

We aim to achieve these goals through the widespread introduction of our unique worldwide patented Waterfree Urinal System.

Water Solutions was established in 1998, in that time the company has gone from strength to strength with the installation and servicing of our award winning product. Our product lends itself to all areas of business sectors ranging from large organisations to smaller companies.

Water & sewage costs have more than doubled in the last 20 years. Additional expenditure on hidden costs due to blockages, leaks and unplanned maintenance can have a severe impact. Water Solutions are able to deliver even greater savings for both our existing and future customers, whilst also aiding the environment.

Not only did we save vastly on water costs but blockages went to zero and thus we saved £1000’s on call out charges.
— Roadchef


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