Areas of Industry

Water Solutions has been fortunate to be acknowledged and work with many Blue Chip organisations and establishments over the past 20 years. We have case studies from customers in various business sectors throughout the UK some of which include:

Since the date of installation, the school’s water consumption costs have greatly reduced and we are playing a part in helping the environment...

...Further consistant savings were, and continue to be made
— London School of Economics & Political Science


·         Large Retail Shopping Centres

·         National Exhibition Centre

·         Service Stations Nationwide

·         Universities (Throughout the UK)

·         Airports

·         Local Authorities

·         Theme Parks

·         Facilities Management Companies

·         Hotels

·         Financial Institutions

·         National Distribution Companies

In 2018 Water Solutions installed its Water Free Urinal System at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford

Being tasked with reducing Council Water Consumption circa 2006, I started looking at waterless urinals and, after some in-depth research, decided that the Water Solutions System was by far the best with respect to efficacy and ease of fitting.
Much better than those with retained traps and various chemical solutions to be topped up.
I have been pushing for this system and now have a number of units installed throughout the Council Estate.
All the sites where the Water Solutions System has been fitted report a much-enhanced toilet experience and, of course, the saving on the water bills and maintenance costs is significant.
It is intended that this system is rolled out across the GCC estate
— David Glenn - Technical Officer, Land & Environmental Services

Additional information can be provided upon request and individual case studies are available which we are happy to provide.