Questions & Answers

How does it work?

The unit is retro fitted into the well of the urinal bowl. Within the unit is a unique one way
valve which replaces the need for a water filled trap. It allows liquid through when in use and
then self seals.
The system is also complimented with a dome that when activated by urine emits an anti-
odour fragrance that leaves the washroom with a very pleasant aroma.

What do I get for my money?

There is a one off installation investment per urinal, which includes all labour and material
costs. Once the system is retro fitted into the existing urinal, the waste pipe is renewed back
to the soil/stack pipe or as far as access will allow.
Thereafter a weekly service investment per urinal, which includes regular service visits to
site by our qualified engineers. During these visits all working parts will be checked and
replaced as necessary. The usage of the site will determine the frequency of service visits;
which will be tailor made to your particular requirements.


Is it cost effective?

With a conventional water driven system you incur not only water but many other associated
costs such as; maintenance, flush controls, chemicals and rodding of those limescaled
pipes. When our Award Winning Waterfree Urinal System is installed you will be amazed at
the savings accumulated and have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.


Is it hygenic?

Building Research Establishment (BRE) studies have proven that waterfree urinal systems,
are less likely to be contaminated with bacteria then conventional flushing systems. Due to
the absence of water, there is no build up of limescale, which absorbs urine and enables the
bacterial growth that causes the smells so often associated with gents washrooms.
An associated benefit of the system is the ease and reduced cleaning time, due to the
absence of limescale.


Waterfree urinals don’t work, do they?

Moto & Roadchef Motorway Service Companies which have very high foot falls/usage,
conducted extensive trials with many different water saving urinal devices. These are just
two of the many Companies which have chosen Water Solutions’ System as their preferred
product and have since installed Nationwide. Both promote water free urinals as part of their
efficiency strategy.
Since the installation of our waterfree urinals, we are proud to announce that in September
2005, MOTO Service Stations were awarded the prestigious “Loo of the Year Award”.


Can I visit a working site

A visit can be arranged and some site managers, time permitting, will be happy to escort and
answer any questions you may have.


How often am I invoiced?

Every quarter.


Millennium Status

In September 1999, Water Solutions were awarded Millennium status by the Design Council
after the Prime Minister challenged businesses to show that Britain is the creative
powerhouse of the world. We are very proud of our achievement and are continually striving
to improve our standards both commercially and environmentally.