Ryan Hennessy

Client Portfolio Manager at Water Solutions.
Website Designer and Operations Manager

Experience in Sales, Management, and IT.
Masters in Strategic Business Management and CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Seeking new opportunities that allow me to exercise and further develop my skills.


I have lived and worked abroad and locally for the past 5 years whilst studying. This has allowed my to create an expansive and somewhat unique skill set that I wish to use to full effect. 

Over these years I have worked hard and consistently so that I could achieve above and beyond the expections set for me. This work ethic, partnered with my experiences, I believe will allow me to continue to find success in new sectors by overcoming even the most challenging obstacles.


Currently situated in London and searching for new opportunities.

My CV is available below or here as a PDF, here as a Google Doc


Ryan Hennessy


I am currently coming to the end of completing my Masters in Strategic Business Management in which I expect to receive an upper 2nd class degree or higher. I have also completed a degree in Computer Science & Business Informatics.

I have experience in management with sales & customer liaison related roles, as well as IT with data & network management.

Currently, I am working alongside senior management for Water Solutions Ltd for the past 3 years.

Responsibilities: Developing and overseeing the growth of new clientele as well as managing existing clients. Myself and my team to be versatile in order to adapt so that business goals could be met and exceeded.

I have proven success working in a team or individually. Very capable with personal responsibilities. Self driven and motivated person with excellent time management, organisational and communication skills.


WaterSolutions ltd

Crayford, Kent – Client Portfolio Manager | March, 2014 – Current

Originally joining the organisation's management team of clientele relations and support, I was quickly assigned a role tasked in leading the company's growth of its client portfolio. I would work alongside the senior heads of the company regularly in order to achieve this. Since starting the position I have personally overseen above targeted levels of growth that has resulted in expansion of my division. Currently I manage a dedicated team that now fulfill the roles I was assigned with originally.

WaterSolutions Ltd

Crayford, Kent – Website Creation & Management | May, 2017 – September, 2017

Tasked separate from my current role with solely designing and implementing a successful new website for the company to launch in 2018.


Oxford street, London – Technical & Sales Ambassador for Fuji | October, 2015 – February, 2016

I worked independently within a flagship store on Oxford Street with the task to display, educate and sell FujiFilm cameras and lens within the X series. This required expert knowledge of the current market for this technology as well as problem solving for consumers who had a wide variety of requirements throughout the campaign. Being 21 and achieving above my targets in the national flagship store was acknowledged by the company.

Game Retail

Brentwood, Essex – Shopfloor & backroom level employee | August, 2013 – February, 2014 I was able to work within a very small team and hit personal and store targets successfully and consistently.

Total Remodeling

Union, New Jersey – Database & Network Management | October, 2012 – Jan, 2013

I worked within a team tasked with the role of updating and maintaining a large database for a remodeling (home improvements) company, as well as performing any maintenance for the network. This position required technical knowledge and consistently accurate performance.

Miami City Social

Miami, Florida – Website Manager and joint Administrator | June, 2012 – Oct, 2012 I was given full control over the lead website of Miami City Social. My roles were to constantly update & review the website with emerging information from other sources on the web. I achieved this by managing a small group of data entry workers in various locations through Email and Skype/VoIP. I was also tasked with fixing bugs and data errors.


Lakeside, Thurrock - Sales Ambassador for LG| September, 2011 – Jan, 2012


Operator/Administrator | Dec 1, 2009 - 2013


Enrolled in a Masters course in Strategic Business Management accredited by the University of Law. Holder of Computer Science and Business Informatics degree accredited by Plymouth University.

I will also achieve a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership alongside my Masters upon completion (early 2018).

Brentwood School | Sep 1, 2005 - Jan 1, 2012
I currently hold 9 G.C.S.E's including 4 A grades in Classical Civilization, Science, Graphics, and English Language. B grade in Information Communication Technology (I.C.T), Religious Education, Mathematics, Science (double award), bar English Literature (C).

I have achieved school colours in outstanding commitment in a field and became an Old Brentonian after my time at the school. I achieved the sole highest rank possible within the CCF in my final year.

I have achieved an ECDL qualification in advanced I.C.T. It involves a deep level of understanding in Microsoft Office programs.

Reference: David Robertson: Managing Director of Water Solutions, David.Robertson@watersolution.com, T:01322 553030