Ryan Hennessy

Currently Specialist Solutions Advisor at Voxbone

Previous: Key Client Portfolio Manager at Water Solutions.
Website Designer and Operations Manager

Experience in Sales, Management, and IT.
Masters in Strategic Business Management and CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Seeking new opportunities that allow me to exercise and further develop my skills.


I have lived and worked abroad and locally for the past 5 years whilst studying. This has allowed my to create an expansive and unique skill set that I wish to use to full effect. 

Over these years I have worked hard and consistently so that I could achieve above and beyond the expectations set for me. This work ethic, partnered with my experiences, I believe will allow me to continue to find success in new sectors by overcoming even the most challenging obstacles.


Currently situated in London and open to explore new career opportunities.

My CV is available here as a Google Doc