New Environmental Policy Statement

Water Solutions is committed to carrying out its business operations in a manner that minimises any harmful impacts on the environment whilst making the most efficient use of natural resources. Its core business operation relating to the supply, fitment and servicing of water free urinal valves is continually reviewed to ensure that its application results in minimal impacts on the environment through prevention of pollution.

In setting its own environmental objectives and targets via its management system the company ensures that any emissions of waste, or usage of natural resources are closely controlled and reviewed so as to ensure that it continues to improve its environmental performance wherever there is the potential to do so, and as such the company will:

  • Adopt environmental best practices throughout it operation
  • Use materials from sustainable resources wherever practicable
  • Ensure all company vehicles meet or exceed emission standards
  • Minimise waste and use recycling schemes wherever appropriate
  • Ensure all cleaning agents used present minimal or no harmful impact on the environment
  • Respect any environmental policies or requirements stipulated by clients
  • Work with stakeholders, wherever appropriate, to bring about improvements
  • Ensure that each employee is committed to the company’s environmental goals

The company is committed to meeting all relevant legislation relating to the environment as well as any other statutory requirements relating to its business. This policy is communicated widely within the organisation, as well as to other external stakeholders via an appropriate medium.

This policy is achieved through the implementation and continuous development of an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of the international Standard ISO 14001:2004.

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