Benefits & Savings


Saving Water

An average urinal uses 2.9 cubic metres of water per week, thatís over 150,000 litres of water for every urinal every year.

The UK average combined water charge at over £2.00 per cubic metre and rising, there are substantial savings to be made.

Flushing Control System

With our system being water free, there is no need to have any maintenance or servicing of flushing control systems.

Reducing Energy

There are carbon footprint savings as there is no water needed for flushing.

Saving Chemicals

No chemicals or dowsing systems needed to reduce blockages.


No Blockages

With water no longer needed for flushing, lime scale blockages will disappear.

No Maintenance

No Costly Rodding

With no lime scale blockages there is a big saving on callouts to have your urinals jetted and rodded.

No Water Costs

No flushing of the urinals means big water savings.

More Fragrant Washroom

Our system is activated by the flow of urine which emits an ant odour fragrance that leaves the washroom with a pleasant odour.

More Environmentally Friendly

With your Company saving one of the environments most precious resources Ė WATER, while increasing your Companyís bottom line profit.

To view OFWATS projections of price limits over the next ten years click here.

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